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Purchase a Photograph
Marilyn Monroe
"4 days in New York" by Ed Feingersh

An edition of 250 of these rare and beautiful photographs are available to purchase from Brock Street Gallery. The photographs are inscribed with the Marilyn Monroe signature and endorsed by the Marilyn Monroe estate. Each is supplied with a certificate of authenticity bearing the official Marilyn Monroe hologram.

The photographic image measures approximately 12 inches by 18 inches. Each is an authentic silver gelatin wet developed photographic print.

To compliment and protect these beautiful images of Marilyn, each photograph is supplied mounted in a hand made frame of plantation grown Obeche hardwood. The frames are available in either a classic exhibition black finish or in Hollywood silver with a silver slip around the photograph. Frames measure approx 22 inches X 28 inches.

A timeless gift. A family heirloom. A moment of history immortalised in silver gelatin for you to cherish for a lifetime. Price 350.

For orders placed by July 12th, Brock Street Gallery are offering a very special 20 % Bluewater exhibition discount. Order now at this special price of only 280.


'Chanel No.5'
Picture 23