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About the Pictures
Picture 6
The significance of what Marilyn was doing created enormous press interest, and it was important for her to follow how the press reported her attempt to break the hold of the Studios over their actors. Shepherd recalls that she was "deadly serious about the work she wanted to do".

Picture 7 - 11
Riding the subway. As one of the worlds most recognized faces, it was impossible for Marilyn Monroe to travel on public transportation However, Milton Greene her business partner and advisor wanted to re-position Marilyn's image; this was an attempt to portray her as just another struggling actress, engaged in an unequal struggle against the all powerful movie studios. The photo shoot took place in Grand Central Subway Station, wrapped in a camel's hair coat, her blonde hair subdued nobody recognized her. While some of these photos are posed, they nevertheless manage to be strikingly natural shots. Successfully conveying an image of Marilyn, as just another working girl.

Picture 7
Marilyn incognito and waiting for the train, accompanied by her agent Dick Shepherd.

Picture 8.
Clearly the man waiting for his train is unsure who the attractive blonde posing for the photographer is. Marilyn, keeps her composure and looks suitably serious.

Picture 9.
The man waiting for the train is sure he knows that face from somewhere! Marilyn, who clearly finds it amusing, breaks into smiles and Ed gets a charming, lighthearted shot.

Marilyn Monroe Picture 8

'Is that Marilyn at Grand Central Station'
Picture 8

Marilyn Monroe Picture 9

'Yes. It's Marilyn Monroe at Grand Central Station'
Picture 9