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About the Pictures
Picture 12-14
It was at Costello's Bar that Robert Stein, a young editor at Redbook Magazine, together with his friend Ed Feingersh planned how they were going to get shots of Marilyn. Eventually he managed to contact her and persuaded her to agree to a candid photo shoot, explaining that he wanted to portray the 'Marilyn Monroe you've never seen'. “As she really was no poses, no blowing kisses to the cameras, no studio set-ups just a straight look at her life.”

At the end of one long day Marilyn asked Ed and Robert Stein what they did after work. So they took her to Costello's, a well known haunt of trendy New Yorkers and Ed's de facto office.

Picture 12
Marilyn enjoying a vodka on the rocks and a quiet cigarette. Intrigued by the attractive blonde, Tim Costello, unusually, took the order himself. Marilyn requested a screwdriver – explaining it was vodka and orange juice - “We don't serve breakfast here” he said. “O.K vodka on the rocks” Marilyn smiled.

Picture 13
Marilyn admires the superb cartoons by James Thurber, that walls were covered with and which were carefully preserved by Tim Costello the proprietor.

Picture 14
Marilyn enjoying the anonymity of Costello's. Later, Tim stopped Ed on his way back to his table. “Who is she?” Ed smiled “Marilyn Monro” Tim scowled “I ask a civil question and you get smart”. In the hour she was there no one recognized her or gave more than a quick look. In contrast to the simplicity of the subway photographs, these shots of her visiting the Elizabeth Arden Saloon show Marilyn in traditional movie star 'disguise' of dark glasses, oozing style and glamour. They also act as a counterpoint to the earlier shots of her gazing down over Manhattan from her hotel suite.

Marilyn Monroe Picture 12

'Costello's restaurant at the end of a long day'
Picture 12

Marilyn Monroe Picture 14

'Relaxing with Ed Feingersh at Costello's'
Picture 14