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About the Pictures
Picture 15
Here, Marilyn looks almost overwhelmed by the city, gazing up at the imposing entrance to Elizabeth Arden.

Picture 16
Despite being a successful movie star, Marilyn was beset by insecurities. She dreaded appearing in front of the camera looking less than perfect and welcomed the reassurance of a professional beauty saloon.

These candid shots of Marilyn in her hotel suite, show her at her most uninhibited and carefree as she dresses for the night out. You could be forgiven for thinking the show is about to start.

Picture 17
Marilyn is in a playful mood back in her hotel suite. She flashes her trade mark smile at the camera, modeling an Ambassador Hotel bathrobe.

Picture 18
Marilyn and Judy Gotez share a joke as she is helped to get dressed, she seems to have forgotten about Ed and he captures an optimistic, light hearted moment.

Marilyn Monroe Picture 16

'Beautiful Flowers at Elizabth Arden's New York Salon'
Picture 16

Marilyn Monroe Picture 17

'Modeling the Ambassador's bathrobe'
Picture 17

Marilyn Monroe Picture 18

'Judy and Marilyn - girl talk'
Picture 18