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Pictures 23 - 24
In anticipation of attending the premiere she is clearly enjoying her self; playfully and provocatively, splashing Chanel No.5, her trade mark perfume, on her décolletage. Once, when asked what she wore in bed, Marilyn famously replied, “Chanel No.5”.

Picture 25
At the premiere, although she is seated in a star filled auditorium her luminescence shines out. Just in shot on Marilyn's right is Amy Greene, wife of her friend and business partner Milton Greene who is seated next to Marilyn.

Picture 26
She is determined to win over the New York 'set' and looks to Milton, who had rescued her from the Hollywood movie star machine, to discuss strategy. At this point she trusted Milton completely and had no doubt he had her best interests at heart. Tired of being viewed as a sex symbol, her desire to promote herself as a actress with serious aspirations made this a suitably high brow performance to be seen at, ignoring the buzz around her she studies the programme intently.

The after show party at El Morocco was attended by celebrities flown in by show business tycoon, Mike Todd, who was hosting the Ringling Brothers gala charity benefit the following weekend. There was intense interest and curiosity about Marilyn's battle to break her contact with movie mogul Darryl Zanucks's Twentieth Century Foxs'. Her success or otherwise would clearly impact the whole studio / star balance, so there was an enormous amount of support for what she was doing. One of those who was keen to discuss her progress was Milton “Mr Television” Berle. He hosted the once popular 'The Milton Berle Show” which NBC were about to cancel. Berle was to be the ringmaster at the circus benefit, where Marilyn would ride a pink elephant.

'Chanel No.5'
Picture 23