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Picture 34
Marilyn in deep discussion with her agent, Dick Shepherd as he accompanies her on the limousine ride to Madison Square Garden, where her appearance in the forthcoming spectacle is keenly anticipated. In her contract with 20th Century Fox, Marilyn was forbidden to make paid for appearances. However, charity events were exempt and this was her opportunity to achieve maximum publicity for her cause.

Picture 35
It was Marilyn's idea to ride a pink female elephant, complete with a pink bow on the tail, as well as a matching rhinestone harness and saddle. Her entrance and reappearance to the world caused a media frenzy, As she clung to the great lumbering beast the press photographers surged around her, Marilyn was Queen of the paparazzi jungle. Not surprisingly none of the host of other 'A' list celebrities attending the event managed more than a mention in the following days papers.

Picture 36
Marilyn was triumphant. That she chose to make her entrance upon an elephant was surely symbolic of her battle with the studios; the mighty beast subdued and commanded by a simple girl. By the end of 1955 Milton Green had succeeded in renegotiating her contract, winning on every major point. Her success was instrumental in permanently breaking the studios proprietary control over their stars.

Marilyn Monroe Picture 35

'Marilyn in a limousine on her way to Madison Square Garden'
Picture 35

Marilyn Monroe Picture 36

'Marilyn Monroe Triumphant. A top a pink elephant.'
Picture 36