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About the Pictures
Picture 10.
Just another commuter starting her working day. Clutching the daily paper, Marilyn gazes out the window as if looking for her stop.

Picture 11.
Strap hanging on the New York subway. Marilyn exudes an aura of unsophisticated charm, far removed from her superstar star status. Ed Feingershs' photos define this essence of ordinariness in a captivatingly simple shot.

Back on the street when they had finished shooting Marilyn teasingly asked Ed “Do you want to see her,?” Taking off her coat, fluffing up her hair, and arching her back into a pose. They were surrounded in an instant and it took several minutes to push though the crowd and into the car

Marilyn Monroe Picture 10

'Marilyn Monroe, just another commuter'
Picture 10

Marilyn Monroe Picture 11

'Strap hanging on the New York subway'
Picture 11