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About the Pictures
Picture 30 & 31
James Stroock and Dick Shepherd are mesmerized as an anxious Marilyn seeks approval for the costume.

Picture 32
The costume fitting takes it toll on Marilyn. All the pinning, poking and constant inspection from every conceivable angle left her feeling vulnerable and fragile, finally reducing her to tears.

Picture 33
Fortunately, Milton Greene her friend and business partner is on hand to reassure her that she looks terrific and allay her understandable concerns about the forthcoming elephant ride.

The Ringling Brother and Barnnum and Bailey Circus fund-raiser in 1955 for the Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation at the old Madison Square Garden was the event that re-introduced Marilyn to the world after a year in hiding. It was the "Show Of Shows", a Circus with Milton Berle (Uncle Milti) as the ringmaster. Milton and Marilyn were inspired and excited with the whole idea and decided to use the evening's festivities to make the formal announcement of her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions (MMP) to the world.

Marilyn Monroe Picture 30

'What do you think boys?'
Picture 30

Marilyn Monroe Picture 31

'Looks good to us honey!'
Picture 31

Marilyn Monroe Picture 32

'The day takes its toll'
Picture 32